LEVI'S VINTAGE = £150.00

Being a self confessed denim snob means it's difficult go back on statements like, 'I only wear denim that has selvedge'. So when my last pair of jeans bit the dust it was time to invest in another pair of jeans, of course I had to stick to my selvedge mantra. So I popped into the ever changing Cinch (the Levi's concept store off Carnaby St. that only stock Levi's Red and Levi's Vintage).

I found these 1963 Levi's 505s and they are fantastic, they're a nice deep indigo denim is always a safe bet! The thing that really caught my eye was a very bold claim on one of the tags stating 'EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED: A NEW PAIR IF THEY RIP". So I've put the receipt and the label in a safe place and lets see if Levi's stick to their word... Just have to hope the safe place, isn't too safe!


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